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Professional Organizing & Decluttering

our SUPERPOWER is helping overwhelmed women simplify, downsize, and systematize their homes in a streamlined and KIND way

Hi! I'm Ronnette!

I am the owner and COO (Chief Organizing Officer) here at Rock Star Residential Services and my team and I are here to help knock out your organizing projects, kick out the clutter, and restore your sanity!


Ronnette of Rock Star Residential Services Decluttering and Organization Guru

Virtual  OR  On-Site  Clutter Reducing Functional Organizing Services!

We can help you:

  • create habits and routines that will automate how your house runs
  • get unburied from the paper piles
  • know when and how to outsource for much deserved support
  • inspire you to strategize your way out of any and every organizing and decluttering project in your home

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Amanda Nobel Flannery
Amanda Nobel Flannery
3 months ago
I highly recommend Rock Star Residential Services. Ronnette and Grace are so kind and helpful. They are supportive and non-judgmental, ready to help tackle whatever…
Marissa Doyle
Marissa Doyle
a month ago
Ronnette and Grace are wonderful! Highly recommend their service! They take a dreaded task, simplify it and make it enjoyable. As. Mom of three, they…
Erica Silberman
Erica Silberman
2 months ago
Rockstar residential is amazing! I reached out to them when the visual clutter was overwhelming for me. While I knew I could do it myself,…
Space Shaping
Space Shaping
2 weeks ago
Ok just wow. I can't say enough good things about this team. Everyone was so authentic, caring, efficient, and helpful. They get really busy so…
Amy McQueen
Amy McQueen
a year ago
So thankful! I’ve been so overwhelmed with the clutter in our garage and haven’t had the time or energy to tackle it or turn it…

Take Back Your Time!

You have better things to do with your downtime, nights, and weekends than clean and stress over your clutter!

Enjoy the extra time and piece of mind that comes from having a clean and clutter-free home! YOU DESERVE IT!

  • Add time to your schedule by simplifying your space!

  • Remove the stress that clutter and disorganization is causing you!

  • Be proud to show off your home and enjoy spending time there!

Happy Clients Make Us Happy!

Helpful Tips and Organizing Tricks from Rock Star Residential

Have a New Year’s Resolution to Get Organized? 5 Tips to Make it Really Happen This Time!

I love fresh starts—the start of each season, each school year, and of course, the new year.  The new year brings an exciting sparkle to new goals and dreams and an exciting energy to make big things happen.   While I’m…

We Are Here to Help You!

Life is crazy busy!
But you do NOT have to do it all.

If you do not enjoy or do not have time to keep your house the way you like,
we want to help you by giving you back your time and decreasing your stress.

Everyone is different, and we're proud to offer customized solutions.

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